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Can Pilates really transform your body?

 Can Pilates really transform your body? 3 Key points you’ll need in order to achieve total transformation.  As a Pilates instructor I often get the question “How often should I be doing Pilates (in a week)? Or another common one is “How long will it take for me to transform my body?” Although these questions

My amazing growth as a yoga instructor in one spectacular weekend

“My growth as a yoga practitioner and teacher at the 2016 International Yoga Conference was simply incredible!”   This past March 2016 we had the opportunity to attend the International Yoga Conference held in Gran Canaria Spain and with 3 full days of non-stop yoga classes from morning to night, few attended all of the classes.

Couscous Bailey Cakes

Delicious Couscous Bailey Cakes  Want a delicious healthy snack or a great mediterranean tapa for your next dinner party? This next recipe by our Sky Pilates and Yoga Chef Brian Bailey is sure to knock your socks off and make you want to rumba on your yoga mat. It’s healthy, it’s delicious and it won’t

The Sky Greek Salad. Your most complete salad ever!

The Sky Greek Salad. Your most complete salad ever! When we’re not teaching or taking an awesome yoga or Pilates class we’re constructing complete nutritious meals in the kitchen and frankly there’s nothing healthier than your perfect salad. We’ve known for years that the Mediterranean diet is arguably the healthiest diet in the world and the

Self Motivation. How to find it. How to keep it!

Self Motivation. How to find it. How to keep it! Have you noticed how often we’re bombarded with adverts, articles, posts or visuals of new diets, new exercises, healthy this, skinnier that? You read your friends’ posts and wonder “how do they stay so active?” Let’s help you find that self motivation for a healthy