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10th - 12th July | 24th - 26th July 2020

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats

Launches a new way to retreat yourself!

Yoga at home with Sky

Our Sky Retreats yoga programme will bring the stretch to you! Yes, it feels like we don't ever have enough time for ourselves. We work from home, go into the office, take care of our families, run our errands and we're left with no time at the end of the day to stretch that achy back or those tight legs. Our online yoga program is designed to bring you maximal benefit in your daily Sky Yoga Online Classes. In our online retreat you will enjoy a daily practice of Yin Yoga and Vinyasa yoga with numerous modifications so you can practice at your own pace yet feel progressively challenged. Join us as our Yoga leader Sylvia Garcia will guide us in an extraordinary movement in yoga choreography that will leave you feeling incredibly stretched every day of our online retreat!

Get in top physical Pilates shape online!

With our Sky Pilates online retreat you'll work on the fundamentals of Pilates, create a strong calorie burning core and transform into the active person you've always wanted to be! As Joseph Pilates once said "Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness" and at Sky Retreats we fully understand the importance of this and we actively practice this philosophy on a daily basis. We know that when you feel strong and on the road to your physical fitness you wake up happy, you go about your day happy and positive things continuously just happen! Our online Pilates retreat classes lead by Pilates expert and movement specialist Alex Estornel, will be designed to get you sweaty,  uncomfortable and keep your body moving so you can shed your unwanted weight and reveal that Pilates body!

Reach New Spiritual Heights

It's important to balance the stresses of life, work and physical activity with proven enlightening meditation techniques. This is why Sky Retreats Online is bringing these life-balancing proven techniques from our retreats to your home. Lay on your mat and enjoy the relaxation methods of Yoga Nidra, the mind expanding practices from Kundalini and a soothing auditory experience with Tibetan bowls and chimes. Our meditation leader Frauke Behrens knows and understands the societal stresses we're all faced with and she will bring that much needed clarity and balance back into our wellbeing.

Meet your Instructors for your Sky Online Retreat

Sylvia Garcia

Alex Estornel

Frauke Behrens

You show up and we'll do the rest!

Join now our 3 Day Retreat at nothing down!

Sky Retreats will be holding the first of many 3 day online retreats starting next 10th - 12th of July 2020!

Second online retreat starting the 24th - 26th of July!

Man doing legs stretching on yoga mat from online training during global lockdown.

When and Where?!

2 Online retreats for your choosing!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 10th - 12th of July 2020 & 24th - 26th July 2020.

You will enjoy 9 classes from three top instructors in their field. Enjoy a daily LIVE session of Yoga, Pilates and Meditation that will absolutely transform your complete wellbeing in one long weekend!

Our Sky Retreats Online programme will be conducted exclusively through our private Zoom account in which you will have direct access and attention by our three instructors. This is not a simple follow along youtube video! This will be all hands on deck to get you moving and feeling exceptional!

Once you sign up you will be provided with a full schedule of all classes, in depth detail of each class and your own personal Zoom access login so you'll be ready to jump into your first class.

"Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness"

-Joseph Pilates

Meet and Greet with Sky

Prior to starting your online retreat Sky Retreats online will be holding a virtual meet and greet! Our online forum will be held the Wednesday 8th of July and 15th of July, just before the start of the retreat, so we can meet you and listen to your every need.

Our online retreat will be a unique experience where you be given guidance and feedback throughout your online classes and meeting you beforehand will be essential.

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Your Nutrition Is Vital!

Balanced food background, organic food for healthy nutrition on grey backgound. Top view, flat lay, copy space.

Did you know that without the proper nutrition, timing and mindset you will not see the fruits of your labour? Sometimes we spend loads of time exercising but we neglect the other 70% of our fitness, eating! A proper fitness goal is more than just exercise, it's mostly what we eat and when that will reveal all the hard work you've put into your mind and body.

Our Pilates expert Alex Estornel is also a Sports Nutritionist accredited by the International Sports and Science Association and you will meet with him face to face via our digital platform prior to the start of your online retreat. Together you will make a plan to tackle your ultimate long-term fitness goals.

Additionally, prior and during the retreat, our team will email you a set daily menu that will be tailored to your specific nutritional goals!

Full Sky Online Retreat for only €99!

Sign up now and place nothing down to register!

It costs nothing to sign up, nothing for your consultation and nothing to get started. Absolutely nothing until the day you start your classes!

Get an even better offer on your Sky Online Retreat

Household Pack


Everyone in your home can participate! Whether it's all the family or all your friends, everyone at your home can join in the fun. Organise and host your own mini retreat at your house. You simply tune into our Zoom channel and everyone in your practice space can do the classes. This offer is good for one password to our Zoom channel. Contact us for more info on this incredible package.

Friends Pack


Can't be with your friend in the same location but you want to both participate? Now you can! Get your friend to sign up with you and you save 25% off a double pack. You will each receive a password to our Zoom channel and you can log on from two different locations. This is the perfect package if you're wanting to do the retreat but don't want to go at it alone. Contact us now for more info!

Multi Pack


The ultimate Sky Retreats Online package! Have a group of friends interested and you all want in on the fun? This is the perfect package for you then. This package will give you 5 passwords that can be accessed from 5 different locations! That equals you and up to 4 other friends. You don't have to use all five access points. If it's you and two other friends you still save! Contact us for more info on our ultimate Multi Pack!

Only want to drop in on a couple of classes?

You can also drop in on some classes rather than doing the entire course. You can pay per class or buy a pack of 5 classes. Go to our reservations page to book or contact us below for more info!

Still not sure?

No problem at all. Don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have more questions about starting your new home retreat. At Sky Retreats we're always here to take care of you.

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