Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats


About Sky Retreats

If you're searching for a way to get back to that healthy lifestyle you long miss, you'll want to experience a retreat with us! At Sky Pilates and Yoga Retreats we pride ourselves in providing you with the means to create a new path to wellbeing and a long lasting healthy lifestyle.

With morning and evening classes of yoga and Pilates you get to choose from a number of activities we do on a weekly basis. Our week long retreats consists of hiking excursions in the interior lush green mountains of Gran Canaria, the western Alps of Tyrol Austria and the magnificent long hikes in Santorini Greece. Come explore the vast sand dunes in the south of Gran Canaria, sail with us in the caldera of Santorini Greece or pamper yourself in the luxurious Spa in Tyrol Austria.  Let us plan your activities and start loving life again.

The wonderful aspect of our retreats is you choose what classes and activities you would like to do. You can always de-stress and enjoy some time-out in our beautiful swimming pool or just read a good book. It's your healthy holiday and we want you to feel great at the end of your wellbeing week with us. 

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Luxe Sky Yoga and Pilates Retreats in Tyrol Austria