My amazing growth as a yoga instructor in one spectacular weekend

“My growth as a yoga practitioner and teacher at the 2016 International Yoga Conference was simply incredible!”

This past March 2016 we had the opportunity to attend the International Yoga Conference held in Gran Canaria Spain and with 3 full days of non-stop yoga classes from morning to night, few attended all of the classes.

Our own Paola Reznik yoga instructor extraordinaire was just one of those yogis that went the distance so we asked her how she felt about the experience and what she learned.

Sky – Paola how did you find the conference this year and what do you feel you took away from this amazing yet challenging weekend?

Paola – It was a perfect reflection of the true meaning of yoga, unity. Hundreds of people from different nationalities, languages, cultures, backgrounds, religions, personalities, experiences and emotions, we were all together sharing the same love towards a philosophy of life that certainly brings us a desire to simply be better people every single day. Sharing knowledge, laughter, music, discourse and a mutual respect for each person’s practice.
The conference strengthened my thinking and feeling of what it means to be on this earth with other human beings and brought into focus the true fragility of human life.

Sky- From your experience can you tell us what we should and/or should not do in class?

Paola – Well, In addition to thoroughly enjoying each class the conference really solidified in me an incredibly important message about my practice in yoga. Our best teacher is ourself, our own experiences and our own consciousness of life. We collect all the information and learnings that give us the ability to listen to our own bodies, feelings, perceptions, pains, pleasures and intuitions. With these learnings we can evaluate our surroundings and understand that they are not necessarily exclusive to us but don’t always apply to everyone else.  So in your class feel, breathe and connect with yourself, do not copy or imitate others. You must respect yourself and respect other’s experiences. We are all different, and are all worthy of a genuine experience.


Thank you Paola! Once again that is some great insight!

My pleasure!